Your native voice in Spanish

We are specialists in creative translation for the scientific community and the pharmaceutical and medical industry.

Connect with the Spanish-speaking audience at all levels: linguistic, cultural and emotional.

Health and science education

  • Complementary medicine
  • Brochures for patients
  • Raising social awareness
  • Science for general audience


  • New drug or therapy brochures
  • Herbal and supplements websites
  • Medical device brochures
  • Promotional videos for healthcare providers

Cultural adaptation

  • E-learning for clients or employees
  • Human resources material
  • Education websites
  • Trade newsletters

Communication between two cultures goes beyond language. True understanding arises from knowing and adapting to the beliefs and the mindset of the other culture.

Transcreation Steps

  • 1

    The Text

    Is there any text that might sound shocking or alien to Spanish culture

  • 2

    The Audience

    Who is your audience?

  • 3

    The Purpose

    What do you want to achieve with the material?

  • 4


    Suggest changes or improvements

  • 5

    Client’s Feedback

    Final reading and touches

Core Points

  • The Register

    Informal, technical, or scientific register?

  • The culture

    What social code, ethos, and beliefs are involved?

  • The purpose

    Move into action, rising awareness, learning, sales?

  • Beliefs

    Religious, traditional, corporate beliefs?

  • Feelings

    Empathy, hope, pleasure, concern?

Some of our transcreation projects

These are some of the projects in which we have participated:

  • Inclusive language awareness campaign for employees of a multinational pharmaceutical company.
  • Web providing information on the effects of herbals and supplements on health.
  • Social media messaging for diabetes patients using insulin devices.
  • Web with information and resources for patients with diabetes.
  • Training courses for Spanish nurses on the safe use of syringes and catheters.
  • Newsletters for orthopaedics surgeons.
  • Medical device information brochures.


What they say about us

We’re very impressed with all of your work. The translated text went beyond our expectations!

Thanks for always being so diligent. We truly appreciate the fact that you always actively make suggestions and take initiatives

Your professionalism and quality are second to none. The mix of linguistic, financial, and editorial expertise is truly exceptional!

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