Over 30 years’ experience in Science and Academia


  • Medical: Pharma; Basic and Clinical Research, healthcare
  • Academia: Chemistry and Biology; Economics and Statistics
  • Complementary Medicine: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Physical Therapies
  • Psychology and Psychiatry: Social and Clinical Psychology; Research and Biological Psychiatry
  • Business: Specialists in Marketing and Human Resources

Academic and Scientific Proofreading

  • Medicine and Pharma: Drugs and Clinical research
  • Economics and Statistics: Sustainability Indicators, Economic Inequality
  • Biology and Ecology: Ecological impact, Fisheries
  • Psychology: Scales, Clinical psychology
  • Social Science: Community Support, Hetereocentric Narratives

Transcreation and Cultural Adaptation

  • Branding and marketing material:  Medical brochures, and scientific newsletters for the Spanish biomedical or pharmaceutical sector
  • Marketing: Webs and promotion for Herbal and Nutraceutical products
  • Cultural adaptation: Human resources material for Spanish Business Divisions, E-learning, etc.

Mentoring for Freelance Translators

  • Learn more about CAT tools and medical translation
  • Achieve better to life-work balance
  • Improve your biomedical translation skills
  • Make your relationships with clients smoother

Let us be your voice in Spanish

We strongly believe in teamwork and in making it easy for all team players. You are the expert in your field, and we are the experts in Spanish language, communication, and corporate culture. We listen to your needs and try to make each project smooth and successful.

  • Experience

    • Over 30 years’ working with Life Science Business, and Academia
    • Expertise in cultural adaptation and creative editing
  • Creativity

    • Language that captures the reader’s attention
    • Transcreation for the Healthcare Sector
    • Cultural adaptation to different professional sectors
  • Professionalism

    • Confidentiality
    • Strict delivery deadline
    • Efficient communication
  • Care

    • We love our work
    • We give our 101%


 What they say about us

My experience with Etheridiom translation services is very good. In the journal Farmacia Hospitalaria we publish very specific articles related to pharmacotherapy, drug-use processes, drug development and safety, drug evaluation, treatment efficiency, and patient outcomes. The translations by Etheridiom demonstrates their knowledge in our specialty.

Etheridiom don’t just do good proofreading or translating. They do amazing editing work. This is a great help because it improves the formal aspects of the publication

Your professionalism and quality is second to none. The mix of linguistic, financial, and editorial expertise is truly exceptional.

Simon and Luisa offer a first-rate review service: they have the technical and, obviously, linguistic knowledge required by any high-impact international scientific journal. In addition, the personal service is unbeatable.

I found your initial revision and adaptation of the original Spanish text very useful. All the questions and comments on the Spanish wording helped us to improve the paper.

We would like to highlight the work of the translation and proofreading teams, whose meticulous work, attention to detail, and perceptive comments contribute to the quality of Rev Esp Cardiol.

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