Working as a freelance translator can be an exciting career, but you need the know-how.

It requires dedication and the right tools.

I can help you to reach your goals faster.


  • Deadlines are so tight that you end up working too many hours.
  • Work is so erratic that you can’t organize the rest of your life.
  • You find it stressful not knowing if you will have work next month.
  • Clients demand more for less and you don’t know how to set limits without losing them.
  • Negotiating with clients drains your energy.
  • You get frustrated when clients don’t bother to answer your questions.

Hey, my name is Luisa

I’m a freelance translator with 30 years’ experience. I help professional translators to improve their work and personal strategies. My goal is to help them to succeed as freelancers by sharing the kind of personal and professional strategies that have allowed me to make a living, while preserving my emotional and physical wellbeing.

How can I help you?

Working as a freelance translator is great, but it is a highly competitive and ever-changing market.

Success and long-term survival depend on knowing the industry and developing various skills.

Business and organisational strategies are important, but personal strategies to manage conflict, uncertainty and stress are also core to succeed in a healthy way.


  • Computer Assisted Translation (CAT)
  • Communication skills
  • Stress management
  • Soft skills


  • Find ways to better organize family life and work
  • Find time for yourself
  • Take care of your wellbeing
  • Manage stress better


  • Set boundaries and work for what you are paid for
  • Become more productive
  • Negotiate better rates



Productivity – efficiency

Relationships with clients

Management of change and uncertainty


Specialised training

Use of software


Customer service

Emotional intelligence

Communication strategies


  • Diploma in translation from the Chartered Institute of Linguists, London
  • Over 30 years’ experience as a freelance translator and proofreader
  • Over 5 years’ experience in mentoring
  • Training in NLP, counselling and non-violent communication techniques
  • Professional Practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Yoga, chi kung and meditation practitioner for over 40 years
  • Trained in deep tissue massage

The synergy between my personal and professional life experience is a powerful asset in helping other freelance translators achieve their goals.


I’ve already described my professional life on the team page, so here I’ll tell you a bit more about my personal life.

I began to study Biological Sciences at university in 1979. However, university and the student life didn’t turn out to be what I expected. Classes were too dry and the type of enquiry and search for knowledge I was hoping for was absent. University was not that different from my boring provincial high-school life!

In 1982, I travelled alone through Spain, France, and Morocco, gaining very transformative experiences that, among other things, made me realize how privileged I was compared to so many less privileged people. I also discovered that I was not made for a 9-to-5 of job and lifestyle.

I was a bit obsessed with finding out how the mind worked, convinced that social change could only take place if we change as individuals. I soon discovered that, at the time, all the interesting books on this subject were in English and I’d studied French at school. So, in 1983, I decided to go the United Kingdom to learn English and solve my existential issues :-).

I landed in London, got an au pair job, and set to the task. In my eyes, London was a Welfare State paradise: easy to find a job, amazing friendly and trusting culture, and hundreds of courses including pottery, meditation, and English for immigrants for the amazing price of 1 pound per year! I did various jobs and began intensive training in personal development, meditation, humanistic psychology, and human potential.

In 1984, I moved to a rural area. For 7 years, I was involved in a community and educational project focused on the use of innovative communication techniques, collaborative leadership, and personal development. This is where I had the opportunity to take my first steps in translation and discovered what a fascinating world it is.

At the age of 30, I returned to Spain with a family and we started our professional career as English teachers and translators in Málaga.

At the age of 40, the excessive stress caused by trying to be a superwoman and juggling work, home, and two children in a quite chaotic way triggered a physical and emotional health crisis. Discovering that my energy was not infinite was a tremendous shock and forced me to get my feet back on the ground. The way out involved learning a lot about how to take better care of myself, be more efficient and productive with my time, and to apply in earnest the anti-stress strategies I already knew.

Between 2004 and 2008, I resumed formal education and studied Traditional Chinese Medicine to give structure to what I had learned through trial and error regarding physical and mental health.

After 50, menopause arrived and with it came another set of ailments :-). This time my previous learning and expertise helped me to more quickly accept the undeniable reality that the body ages and to transform the situation into something useful for me and others.

Now I am entering my 60s, with fewer family responsibilities, wiser, more serene, and eager to share with younger generations what I have learnt in this fascinating journey of translation, teleworking, and the secret of combining work and family life without dying in the attempt :-)


I am putting my resources and experience at your disposal, so that you can get to where you want to be in your life and career path faster and easier than I did!


What they say about me?

What I liked most in the mentorship was that I had to think about what I offer, to whom, how, what I need. How I present myself to the client, especially on my CV, which I had neglected a lot, and did not reflect very well my background and education

What I like most is that she gives you the space to express yourself and to make the decisions that best suit your circumstances.

I found it very helpful how clear Luisa was about the importance of determining my own goals in doing the mentorship.

Ready to take action?

  • 1 mentoring session via zoom
  • One-to-one session to work with specific issues
    1 month’s support via email
  • 55
  • 10 mentoring sessions
  • Programa a tu medida
    unlimited support via emai
  • 350

Any questions?

Get in touch. I will do my best to help you decide if  this is for you